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We are looking for contributors who have startup, small business or entrepreneurial experience in Asia. We also welcome innovators, startup enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and business leaders with industry-specific expertise.

We prioritize well-researched, smartly written articles with actionable practical advice that can be used to improve their business in Asia.

As a guest contributor, submissions are unpaid. Featured entrepreneurs and writers will benefit from attribution, maximized exposure to our pan-Asia readership and a backlink to their own site. All submissions should be:
– Between 500 and 800 words
– Asia-focused with real life examples
– Evergreen; posts that won’t become outdated
– Narrative-like, news or opinion

Here are some topics ideas:
– 5 startups to check out from the XXXX accelerator
– Meet Your City Top 10 Startups
– 3 Asian Alternatives to Airbnb
– Looking for a Ride? Here’s a List of Uber Alternatives in Asia
– Startup of the week: XXX
– 5 Entrepreneurs Shaking Up Your City (Food, Payment, Logistics,etc) Scene
– Women in Business: Q&A with XXXX
– Taiwan Entrepreneur: XXXX
– The Perfect Family Business: XXXX
– 5 Must-Attend Startups & Entrepreneurs Events to Start 2015
– 10 LinkedIn Groups Every Entrepreneur Should Belong To
– 10 Phone Calls Entrepreneurs Should Make This Year
– 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Developer/Marketing Agency/etc
– 5 Signs Your New Business Is Not Going Well
– Investor XXX on Deciding Whether or Not to Invest
– 10 Productivity Tools Useful for Every Entrepreneur
– 6 Software Applications that Will Make Your Life Easier
– 6 Great Reasons to Startup in Your City (Shanghai, HK, Manila)
– 10 Trends in Asia for 2015 You’d Better Pay Attention To

If interested, send us your contribution at editor [at] entrepreneurs.asia

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